Factual and Interpretive Reporting

Phase 1 Desk Studies

Desk studies are the preliminary phase of a ground investigation. Desk studies enable us to collect historical information about the site, as well as detailing the geology, hydrology, hydrogeology, waste and any environmental implications.

A site walkover will be carried out alongside the report to assist with the development of the conceptual site model, which helps us to identify the sources of potential contamination, their pathways and receptors, and any likely geotechnical hazards which may be present. Conclusions of the desk study can therefore help target specific areas of the site when designing the intrusive phase of works.

Phase 2 Reports

Once any intrusive investigation works have been completed, the engineering logs, photographs, monitoring and laboratory testing data can be recorded within a factual report or interpreted by experienced members of the team. These reports may offer foundation recommendations and geo-environmental risk assessment and advice as necessary. Phase 2 reports are written in accordance with the latest British Standards, including Eurocode 7 where appropriate, typically issued electronically as in PDF format, with AGS data to accompany in the latest format.

Specialist Advice

Our senior engineers are always on hand to provide geotechnical or environmental advice to Clients as necessary. This may be in the form of a brief site review for due diligence prior to purchase, or as early contractor involvement to Consultants when determining the scope of larger investigation schemes.

We have the in-house skills and experience to expand on existing data and assessments in the form of remediation strategies, validation and verification reports, or to provide a more detailed assessment of a site, such as in a Coal Mining Risk Assessment for locations within the High Risk areas of the UK coalfields. We’re always just an email or phone call away.