In situ Testing & Monitoring

In Situ Testing

Exploration & Testing Associates can provide a range of in situ testing within soil and rock. Some of the testing can be carried out using internal resources, others are sub-contracted out to other companies with great experience who we have established relationships with.

All testing is carried out in accordance with current guidance and results are presented in our factual or interpretive reports as required depending on the Client’s needs.

Some of the in situ services we offer are:

  • Shear vane testing
  • Infiltration testing in the form of variable head, soakaway (in accordance with BRE 365) and percolation testing
  • Plate load testing
  • California bearing ratio testing
  • DCP/TRL testing
  • Dynamic probing
  • CPT testing
Two workman drilling into ground for testing
A workman manoeuvring a tool across a road


Most commonly, we install monitoring wells within boreholes of varying internal diameters to allow for gas and groundwater monitoring. Other techniques which may be employed, depending on the geotechnical or environmental parameters to be investigated, include:

  • Vibrating wire, pneumatic or standpipe piezometers
  • Inclinometers
  • Magnetic extensometers
  • Continuous water quality monitors
  • Continuous gas monitors

Depending on the project requirements and data to be collected, collation of data may be spot readings or contained within data loggers for direct or remote download.

Where samples of groundwater are required for laboratory testing, this will be undertaken in accordance with best practice guidance via a number of techniques, with low flow and water quality readings our method of choice.